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I just noticed that when I play the Prince clip here (as opposed to its original home on YouTube), it counts the time backwards. If your timer does likewise, then the moment I'm talking about is at 1:35.


More than noticing his awe at Petty, I'm stunned at how much Dhani Harrison looks like his father!! Wow! Those are some strong genes!

Cynthia Closkey

Prince's halftime show last night was easily the best Super Bowl halftime show I've seen. The do-rag on his head was a little odd, but if that's what he needs to be able to play like that, so be it.

In the Harrison tribute clip, I especially liked when Prince started to fall backward off the stage, blown back by the super power of his solo. And the roadie pushed him back up, and all the while he kept playing. He's a god.


Several observations/questions:

1. Is it just me or does Prince not get enough acclaim as a great rock guitarist?

2. Is it just me or does Prince sometimes remind you of a genetic mix between Jimi Hendrix and Sammy Davis, Jr.? That might be just me.

3. Is that Paul McCartney on keyboards? I couldn't tell from behind. He doesn't normally show up on keyboards does he but on the regular piano?

4. If you liked that piece...you've got to see the Concert for George DVD with a lot of the same lineup...Lynne, Petty, McCartney, Clapton, Jools Holland. Jools Holland?!

5. Is it just me or is the newly redone version of "While My Guitar" on the George Martin Beatles Love album really, really good...and dare I say it...right up there with the original? Blasphemy maybe...but listen to it, will ya? It's like it was finally given the George Martin treatment that Harrison songs rarely got, but deserved. Miss the Clapton part though.

6. Those stupid Texans and their high school football, "He's goin' all the WAY, He's goin' all the way." Nope, he ran straight into a crowd and got tackled at the 30 you dumb cluck. I almost peed in my britches, too. (No I didn't. I don't call my pants britches.) They flew a little too close to the sun, there son. How sweet was that?


Hey, I forgot to watch the Too Much Joy video before...that was great fun. That guy did the Prince leaning into the audience solo before Prince did it!

Bob, did we see them that time long ago when you and Julie came down to DC and we went to the Taste of DC festival on PA ave? Was that them or somebody else? Too Much Fun? And wasn't that the time that Julie brought a gun across state lines? And we got a ticket by going through a police barrier at the Jefferson Memorial. Are people not supposed to know that part about Julie and the gun? She's was one wacky Brit hillbilly back then, packing heat like a mob girl.


Joe -- yes, I posted that partly in commemoration of that great TMJ show in D.C. That was a good weekend. I don't recall the bit about the ticket at the Jefferson Memorial, but Julie and I fondly recall you telling us about your exploits there. I believe you had known Julie for about an hour when you told her that story.


If memory serves me correctly, I believe Thomas Jefferson was hanging a little to the left.

I guess the gun issue would be in the category of "Things You Didn't Know About Me".


thank god someone else liked the halftime show.

prince rocked. in the rain. better than the game - too bad the sound always sucks on those halftime shows.

and the hall of fame footage is perhaps the best live music clip in recent history.

just catching up on the blog ... i dig the new format.

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